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  • Bold Boox Unlimited Cosmika76 i Creative Direction and Product Development, Branding, Information Architecture, User Experience and Interface Design

    Bold Boox and Bold Unlimited are the brainchildren of Cosmika76 LLC, a start-up company dedicated to research & development of innovative editorial solutions, based in Milan and New York.

    Project Description:

    Conceived and developed of the proof of concept and prototype for multi-faceted publishing program which envelops all aspects of the production cycle from editing and layout to distribution and promotion.

    To guide and help manage the various facets of such an ecosystem, a comprehensive information architecture, visual identity program and a template system were devised to clearly differentiate each imprint, series and collection, while delivering across different media a cohesive, immersive and enriching user experience.


    Marco Moretti, Creative Director; Alessandra Galasso, Editor in Chief, Luca Forcolini, Director of Product Development; Massimo Pitis, Art Director; Wade Hampton, Programming and Coding.

    Of note:

    The Bold Boox prototype was designed primarily utilizing the work of Switzerland based art team Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann (L/B) and video interview conducted by Curator and Art Critic Giovanni Carmine.

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  • OperaSolutions.com Opera Solutions i Creative Direction, Contents Strategy, Information Architecture, User Experience and User Interface Design

    Opera Solutions is a global leader in Machine Learning and the developer of advanced predictive analytics software that help organizations extract actionable insights from Big Data. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, the company has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2004.

    Project Description:

    Developed master plan to upgrade the Opera Solutions online presence and better serve their updated marketing strategy. Also devised comprehensive information architecture and communication strategy to enhance the user experience, allow for growing collection of rich content and distinctly set Opera Solution’s brand apart from their global competitors.

    The proposed user interface was designed to more aptly engage visitors while addressing the key communication issues: simplify the complexity of their product offerings, succinctly tout their award winning solutions, and develop a soft sell recruiting hub in which to leverage their unique corporate culture.


    Marco Moretti, Creative Direction, Information Architecture, User Experience and User Interface Design; Katherine Hill, Project Manager; Wade Hampton, Programming and Coding.

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  • STRAND THEATER Leeser Architecture i Experiential Graphic Design

    The renovation of Brooklyn’s Strand Theatre Building was a project funded by NYC Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Cultural Affairs to reestablish this early 20th-century theatre as a major cultural center.

    The $40 million, 60,000 square feet, expansion to Brooklyn's historic theater was awarded to the internationally acclaimed firm Lesser Architecture providing performance spaces, art galleries, glass blowing facilities, a television recording studio and classrooms for its two tenants: BRIC Arts Media House and Urban Glass.

    Project Description:

    Invited by Thomas Lesser, principal at Leeser Architecture, to collaborate on the design of the building façade, thereby investigate design strategies that would also equally brand, inform and act as a way-finding system while creating a distinguishable impact from a distance.

    The chosen design is a color-coded system of neon and metal graphics that expresses the distinct identities of the two cultural organizations while embracing the architectural details of the building.


    Thomas Leeser, Architect; Sofia Castricone, Senior Architectural Designer; Marco Moretti, Environmental Design.

    Of note:

    Winner of the 2010 Public Design Commission of the City of New York Award for Excellence in Design, and the 2014 MASterworks Award: Neighborhood Catalyst for "successfully balancing the demanding programmatic needs of two vibrant cultural institutions and reinvigorated a historic theater while integrating striking contemporary flairs."

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  • MEA City of Asuni, Italy i Creative Direction, Brand Architecture, Graphic Design and User Interface Design

    Asuni is a municipality with a population of less than 400 located on the Italian island of Sardinia. In contrast with its size and distance from major urban centers–this ancient village is rich with cultural events celebrating both tradition and vanguard, attracting visitors from around the world throughout the year.

    At the heart of the city’s cultural program is their museum—Museo dell’Emigrazione di Asuni (MEA)—an institution devoted to the study of human migration.

    Project Description:

    Designed a brand architecture and style guide adaptable for the creation of informative and promotional materials to intrinsically connect each cultural activity to the museum.

    Developed a visual program that is reflective of its mission and respectfully pays homage to its heritage with a fresh, expressive contemporary direction.

    The main mark is represented by a set of five concentric circles broken by a single segment which uniquely represents the emotional dualities of migration - a painful break and the creation of new ties that bind distant worlds.


    Marco Moretti, Design and Creative Direction; Albero Loche and Giuseppe Loche, Architects; Faust Anedda, Programming and Coding.

    Of note:

    The Asuni Film Festival logo (recently renamed “Terre di Confine” film festival) was selected for publication in the LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 2.

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    Toy Industry Association is the trade association representing all businesses involved in creating and distributing toys in North America. TIA’s more than 900 members account for approximately 90% of the annual U.S. domestic toy market of $22B.

    Project Description:

    TIA first looked to my team to give their annual report a boost–to help enhance their brand image with a more creative and inspiring document that was more connected to the industry in which they serve.


    Marco Moretti, Creative Director; Katherine Hill, Project Management; Okan Usta, Deniz Marlali and Anna Vogel, Art Directors; Renee Soucy, Copywriter.

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  • Blú Adele—C / Cosmica Press i Creative Direction and Design

    Adele—C is a new Italian Design House owned and directed by Adele Cassina, daughter of Cesare Cassina, the driving force behind the “Made in Italy” movement in the 60’s and 70’s. Much like the work of Cassina, Adele—C is positioning itself as the latest trendsetter, blending the elegance of classic Italian furniture design with experimentation from a new generation of creatives.

    Project Description:

    Creative directed and designed the first and only issue of Blú, a magazine/product catalogue to introduce the Adele—C philosophy and latest creations for the demanding audience of the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano”, the largest and most important trade fair of its kind in the world.


    Marco Moretti, Design and Creative Direction; Alessandra Galasso, Editor in Chief.

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  • Zap Mama Luaka Bop Records i Creative Direction and Design

    Zap Mama is the stage name of Belgian artist Marie Daulne. The worldwide success of Zap Mama lies in a mixture of African-infused vocal techniques, hip-hop, jazz and elements of pop fused into mesmerizing polyphonic harmonies.

    Project Description:

    Created a visual accompaniment (CD package design and promotional collateral) to Daulne’s new musical expression along with the label’s aim to establish her as a solo act and thus establishing and promoting the artists’s new identity.


    Luaka Bop and V2 Record Labels; Marco Moretti, Design and Creative Direction; Katherine Hill, Design Director; David Byrne, Yale Evelev & Marie Daulne, Executive Producers; Alessandro Canu & Marcellus Hall, Illustrators; Cover Photography by Filippa Lidholm.

    Of note:

    “Ancestry in Progress” reached #1 on the 2004 Billboard World Music Album chart.

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  • ABC-Clio Solutions ABC-Clio i User Interface Design

    ABC-Clio, is a publisher of reference works for the study of history and social studies in academic, secondary school, and public library settings. They provide service to fifteen different online databases, which contain over one million online texbooks. ABC-CLIO recruits academic leaders in the subject areas they cover in order to provide authority for their reference titles.

    Project Description:

    Translated a complex information architecture into an elegant and user friendly interface,. Delivered an engaging interactive experience aiding researchers, students and teachers alike to easily navigate through a massive, continuously growing archive of scholarly references, historical context, and model commentaries that expose readers to a variety of authoritative perspectives. Performed in collaboration with Brent Arnold (More-Than-Us).


    Information Architecture by Nolej Studios; Brant Arnold (More Than Us), Creative Director; Marco Moretti (FDT Design), User Interface Design; Alexandra Otero (More Than Us), Interactive Producer.

    Of note:

    ABC-Clio Solutions is now one of the most awarded web-based application of its kind. Among the many honors: 9 “EDDiE” Awards, 7 “BESSIE” Awards, 2 “CODiE” Awards and Gold winner at the 2016 Modern Library Awards, for presenting over 100 complex concepts in an engaging and easy to comprehend format.

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  • NJCPA REBRAND New Jersey Society of CPAs i Creative Direction and Design

    Founded in 1898, the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) is the largest professional organization serving the needs of Garden State CPAs and aspiring CPAs. With a membership of more than 15,000, eleven chapters and numerous committees and interest groups, NJCPA support its members through a variety of education, networking, leadership and volunteer initiatives.

    Project Description

    Worked in close communication with the association’s staff to develop a most useful and relevant brand guides to align NJCPA’s vision and leadership with the changing needs of current and future members.

    The extensive program concluded with the production of a comprehensive Graphic Standards Manual and a Messaging style Guide.


    Marco Moretti, Creative Director; Don Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer; Heather Weddle, Brand & Marketing Strategist; Rachael Bell, Content & Communications Manager; Katherine Hill, Project Management; Renee Soucy and Celeste Lee, Copywriter; Diane Espiritu, Graphic Design.

    Of note:

    Winner of two APEX 2014 Awards of Excellence for Best Redesign and for Identity & Graphic Standards.

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  • Toy Fair New York Toy Industry Association i Creative Direction

    American International TOY FAIR is the largest toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere, and the premier global event attracting over 30,000 attendees and close to 10,000 buyers who come to view the latest creations of more than 1,200 manufacturers.

    Project Description:

    Developed an integrated brand communication program, style and messaging guides and implemented a multi-year marketing campaign.

    Delivered on rigorous advertising schedules, direct mail campaigns, on-site collateral, and the design of a comprehensive way-finding system to help attendees navigate the 400,000+ sq ft. of the Jacob Javits Convention Center’s exhibition space.

    With an agile project management methodology coupled with an emphasis on targeted messaging, response tracking and ROI measurement, our team streamlined and greatly enhanced the event’s marketing and communication efficacy.

    Meticulous brand guidelines that included style and messaging guides served to inform and inspire the client’s in-house graphic and marketing departments for years to come.


    Marco Moretti, Creative Director; Heather Weddle, Marketing Director; Katherine Hill, Project Management; Renee Soucy, Copywriter; Okan Usta and Deniz Marlali, Art Directors; Celestino Sanna, Industrial Design; Brent Arnold, Interactive Design; Nate Turner, Graphic Design; Alessandro Canu, Illustration.

    Of note:

    A steady increase in buyers, exhibitors, media participation and overall visitor attendance occurred year after year with surveys indicating that 99% of attendees would be returning the following year.

    The pinwheel design, centerpiece of the entire campaign, was a Gold winner in Graphis Logo Book 7.

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  • Marco Moretti Design & Creative Direction

    Over 15 years of hands-on experience as Designer and Creative Director developing corporate identities, collateral and interactive applications for some of the most exciting brands in the world.

    Recognized as a passionate and inspiring leader known for solving challenging problems and developing effective solutions, the roots of which stem from intrinsic curiosity, pragmatism, robust strategy and planning.

    Freelance & Consultant
    Creative Director & Brand Strategist
    Freelance, Creative Director & Brand Strategist 2015—      

    Of late he is keeping his right brain well hydrated by working as a freelancer and consultant for a variety of clientele and in multiple capacities: Director of user experience for an upcoming online service application with global aspirations; creative direction and product development for a vanguard publishing house; brand architect and communication strategist for a legacy foundation; and never missing the opportunity to design for the occasional artist catalogue.

    FDT Design
    Partner & Creative Director
    FDT Design, Partner & Creative Director 2001—2014

    Co-founded the visual communication studio, FDTdesign, offering brand and web applications and design, apps and e-commerce, editorial design, annual reports and marketing campaigns.

    Managed several accounts at once, collaborated with both internal team and clients to aptly assess needs and requirements to develop proposals, budgets, and project timelines. From strategy and idealization, concept presentations and development to the delivery of each project, we developed many notable brands, marketing campaigns, music packaging, interactive applications and so on. Assumed many key roles ensuring success for clients such as the New York Road Runner Club, David Byrne, Rosie O’Donnell, Opera Solutions, Toy Industry Association, Toy Fair, New Jersey Society of CPAs, Maserati USA, Canon, Warner Bros. Records.

    Creative Director
    Neokom, Creative Director 1998—2001

    In just over a year as Creative Director, I was instrumental in helping Neokom with building a multi-million dollar web design agency.

    Lead a strong team of IA, UI and UX designers, Programmers and Contents Strategists. Developed user-centric and content-rich websites and e-commerce for some of the most recognized names in sports and beyond such as the NHL, IAAF, USBC, Women’s Sports Foundation, Fleer Skybox, DC Comics, Coca-Cola, RC Cola, among others.

    SME Branding
    Art Director
    SME Branding, Art Director 1995—1998

    Responsible for Art Direction and design for corporate brand development and visual communication programs for clients such as Viacom, US Olympic Committee, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL among many others.

    Selected Client List
    NYC Marathon
    American Movie Classics (~ Area 17)
    Nulux (~ More Than Us)
    ABC-Clio (~ More Than Us, ~ Nolej Studios)
    Rosie’s For All Kids Foundation
    Rosie’s Broadway Kids
    Toy Industry Association
    Leeser Architecture
    Contemporary Architecture Practice
    School of Visual Arts / Giraldi Media
    Pratt Institute / Evan Douglis
    Museo dell’emigrazione - Asuni, Italy
    Adele Cassina (~ Cosmica Press)
    Tate / Natalie Bookchin and Jacqueline Stevens
    ICA Boston
    E-Flux Corporation
    Gasser & Grunert Gallery
    Revolver Publishing / Anton Vidokle and Cristian Manzutto
    Artists Space / Peter Zellner
    Untitled Projects / Conrad Bakker
    Maurizio Cattelan
    David Byrne & Brian Eno
    Luaka Bop Records
    Canon USA (~ SFDesign)
    Maserati North America (~ Intelliga Communications)
    ~ Neokom
    National Hockey League
    International Association of Athletics Federations
    Women’s Sports Foundation
    US Bowling Congress
    Dr Pepper Snapple Group
    ~ SME Branding
    Viacom, Inc.
    United States Olympic Committee
    Ladies Professional Golf Association
    Major League Baseball
    DC Comics

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